To book a room in a hotel in Kyiv – Bontiak

Kyiv has always been and is a city, the flow of tourists in which does not stop for a single day. Ukrainian and foreign tourists, foreign businessmen come to Kyiv each with their own purpose. And each guest rents a room in the best hotels in Kyiv. Among the hotels in Kyiv, the competition is quite high, and each is trying to attract a new guest by offering inexpensive rooms, but with a high level of service.

Hotel Kyiv – Hotel Bontiak is no exception. Our private mini-hotel always has a fairly flexible pricing policy. Only here you can rent a room in a hotel in Kyiv inexpensively. At the same time, you will receive a cozy, comfortable room in a hotel in Kyiv with a modern renovation, personal attention of employees to each guest. Please note that high-speed WiFi is available throughout the hotel for free. The hotel also has its own secure parking, which is also free for our guests.

In order to rent a room in a Kyiv hotel inexpensively – Bontiak Hotel you need to select the hotel room you are interested in, and then click on book. You can also use the services of our concierge by contacting us by phone +38 098 538-1-538 or