Hotel policy

Hotel “Bontiak” offers its guests convenient and comfortable rooms in the very center of Kyiv. We strive to provide our guests with maximum comfort during their stay at our hotel, which is why we have developed hotel policy and hotel rules to help ensure a safe and comfortable stay in Bontiak

Please note the following hotel policies:

  1. Guest registration: Each guest must register upon check-in and present an identity document.
  2. No smoking: Smoking is prohibited in our hotel rooms and other indoor spaces. For those who smoke, there is a specially equipped place on the street, near the entrance to the hotel.
  3. Silence: We ask our guests to observe silence and not disturb other guests. Please refrain from noise and loud conversations in public areas of the hotel.
  4. Storage of valuables: The hotel is not responsible for the loss of guests’ personal belongings. We recommend keeping valuables in a safe.
  5. Pets: Pets are not allowed in our hotel.
  6. Ordering services: Our guests can order additional services, such as transfer from the airport or railway station, laundry, ironing, car rental, etc. Details and prices can be found out from the hotel administrators at the reception.
  7. You will find more information in the Rules of Residence in Bontiak, which are at the reception. You will be able to familiarize yourself with them when you check in to the hotel. You will find more information about the hotel in the “About the hotel” section, more information about our services in the “At the service of our guests (Guest service)” section.

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